Houston T. Kidd (his real name) graduated high school just as the economy came crashing to its knees. Unsure of what career path to follow and not wanting to be a financial burden on his parents, he enlisted into the United States Navy. What was initially a gut instinct compromise turned out to be the best possible decision he could have made. 

Fast forward 10 years later and the Navy still played an integral part in Houston's life; albeit one weekend a month. Having served his initial contract honorably, he went into real estate and then decided to pursue another unique challenge; the film industry.

With a little bit of talent and a whole lot of luck, he found himself living out his childhood dream as a stand-in and stunt double for National Geographic and AMC Network Productions. 

"Willow the Water Bear  was an idea that had been bouncing around in my head since 2014. After discovering these magnificent creatures I immediately wanted to share their existence with anyone and everyone I came across. Success, to me, will not be measured by how many copies I sell, but by how many diverse young minds I am able to reach and hopefully influence to pursue a career in STEM. "

                                                                       - Houston T. Kidd

About the Author

Houston currently lives in North Carolina where he works for a financial tech startup company.